GEUMSAM Extract Gold 240g/8.46oz (60-day use)
Ginsenoside Rbi+Rg1+Rg3=8mg/g

GEUMSAM Extract Gold 240g/8.46oz (60-day use)
Ginsenoside Rbi+Rg1+Rg3=8mg/g


100% 6-years grown Panax red ginseng

Red Ginseng Extract Gold is made from the finest 6 year-old red ginseng produced in Korea. Exceptional quality is never rushed, and it is processed by a meticulous, low-temperature vacuum method ensuring purity and a rich flavor. For tea unparalleled in taste.

By slowly concentrating and darkening the red ginseng, it makes the extract not only easy to ingest, but also contributes to making the extract preservatives and additives-free.

Product Highlights:
GINSENOSIDE :Rb1+Rg1+Rg3=8mg/g
100% Panax Ginseng from Korea (70% root, 30% other red ginseng components)
PURE ginseng. Non-GMO, with no additives, preservatives, fillers.


Why GEUMSAM Red Ginseng GOLD?

  • Natural energy boost: Bring vitality to your day with sustained energy and not distracting jitters. Soothe body and mind from accumulated fatigue and weakened immunity. Drinking as an extract ensures smooth, gradual absorption of ginseng into the body.
  • Pure flavor: For those who enjoy the deep, bold flavor of red ginseng.
  • Sharpen your senses: In addition to increased physical energy and drive, red ginseng has been shown to increase mental alertness and calmness.
  • Share the vitality: We take the time for quality so you don’t have to–the ease of serving makes it ideal to share with loved ones, colleagues.

How to serve and drink

  • Put a spoonful (approx. 2 grams) into 8 ounces of warm or hot water and stir. Consume twice a day, which lasts for about 60 days of use. Can also be enjoyed as tea with honey.
  • Children under 10 should consume half of recommended intake.
  • Best consumed before breakfast and dinner. For those who may experience difficulty to sleep after drinking, avoid taking after dinner.

Recommended storage tips

  • Avoid direct sunlight. Keep in a cool, dry place with the cap tightly closed.
  • When scooping, use a dry spoon to ensure longevity of the extract.

GEUMSAM Red Ginseng Extract Gold

Open the premium packaging and you are presented with a 240-gram bottle of GEUMSAM Red Ginseng Extract Gold and an elegant spoon for serving.
Suggested intake is 2 grams twice a day, which you can serve with the included spoon. Shake well before use. Depending on your preference, you may enjoy it in the form of hot or cold tea.
Natural peace of mind: If you drink more than recommended dosage, it will be naturally expelled from from the body.


GEUMSAM as its namesake suggests was created in Geumsan Province, which is the most prominent ginseng cultivation region in South Korea that supplies 80+ percent of the annual ginseng consumption in the country. Our raw ginseng ingredients are solely farmed, harvested and produced in Geumsan county.

Geumsam products have passed or surpassed some of the most extensive standards and quality control regulations, with quality certifications that include Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Quality you can trust.

GEUMSAM products are pure and safe, with uncompromising quality in the production process, from crop cultivation to the final product.

That excellence is reflected in the premium taste as well as the pure ingredients, which continue to build upon a tradition spanning 1,500 years.

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