What is the Korean Red Ginseng?


The supreme tonic for body and spirit,
Geumsan Ginseng, GEUMSAM

Although Korean Red Ginseng can be bitter in taste, its results are magnificent.

With its distinct four seasons and full of mystical earth energy, Geumsan in South Korea is famous as the best soil and ideal conditions to cultivate Ginseng. In order to keep its quality, this Geumsam product was made by only 4-6 year old ginseng. Since ginseng is most potent at 4-6 years old, the raw material for red ginseng is picked in its prime for its peak effectiveness.  It has been officially certified by the Korea Food Safety Administration to have an excellent effect on improved brain activity and memory, blood circulation and providing antioxidant functions.

The world’s best ginseng type – Korean Red ginseng.

Korea-born Ginseng is also known as ‘Korea Ginseng’; it is known worldwide for its exceptional effects. Korea’s natural environment is a perfect fit for growing Ginseng. The amount of main element Saponin contained in Korean Red Ginseng is much higher compare to Red Ginseng from China, America, Japan.

※ Main component of Red Ginseng include Saponin, Panaxadiol, Panaxatriol, and Oleanolicaid; the superiority of Red Ginseng is decided on the amount of Saponin contained within Ginseng.

Comparison of Korean Red Ginseng
to other Ginseng types based on amount of Saponin contained

Ginseng Ingredients Korean Red Ginseng Korean Ginseng
Chinese Ginseng Japanese Ginseng American Ginseng
Saponin 31 23 14 8 14

Red ginseng is good for these people below.

  • Businessmen : Relieving stress, remove hangover, strengthen liver
  • Children : Boost brain activities, increase learning ability
  • Couples : Increase stamina, reduce symptoms of menopause
  • For Middle-aged Men : boosts stamina, improves blood circulation, and strengthens the immune system.
  • For Middle-Aged Women : stabilizes hormone production, improves menopausal symptoms, skin conditions and blood circulation and help with the effects of aging.
  • Elderly : Improve blood circulation, reduce aging.
  • People today : Help prevent / suppress occurrence of lifestyle diseases (High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, sclerosis of the arteries, etc)

Efficacy of Red Ginseng

1. It features excellent anti-cancer and is widely known as natural immunity-enhancing substance

The research result announced by the professor Woo-ik Hwang Korea University and RA. Wolsten Croft, a researcher in Rayne Research Institute in UK says one or the substances within ginseng called polyacetylene has turned out to be effective in discouraging reproduction of cancer cell and enhancing immunity while promoting a fast post-operative recovery and preventing adverse side effects as well. There has been a clinical trial result recently that ginseng inhibits highly pathogenic influenza virus, which has attracted a keen attention in medical society with active research being conducted on the effect of ginseng on Novelswine-oridin Inluenza A.

Cancer Patients (Preventing cancer and supporting anticancer treatments)
The ocu\currence of cancer for people who have taken red ginseng has been reported to be 50% less than those who have NOT taken ginseng.
Red ginseng contains Ginsan, a polusaccharide 15 times more effective at increasing immunity than typical anti-cancer medicine, Rg3, and Ginsenoside, ingredients powerful in preventing the spread of cancer cells.
[Effective in complementing anticancer treatment, preventing cancer, boosting the immune system : Ginsenoside Rb1, Rb2, Rb3, Rh2]

2. No, Viagra Yes, GEUMSAM Ginseng (Promote sexual performance, Anti-aging)

The professor Hyeong-gi Choi in Yonsei University as well as other medical practitioners from US, Russia and Japan announced that ginseng boosts up the synthesis of DNA and protein in mal testicles and the female intrathecal celluarity as well, leading to a greatly enhanced sexual performance.

Increase of Stamina
It is traditionally known that red ginseng boosts stamina. Professor Hyung-gi Choi from Severance Hospital of Yonsei University announced red ginseng’s effect in suppressing endocrine disruptores, erectile dysfunction, and male sterility. He also announced that red ginseng is twice as powerful in treating erectile dysfunction than the existing, popular treatment, Trazodone Wai Caps, and that red ginseng does not have side effects such as chronic toxicity.
[Improve sexual problems, effective treatment for erectile dysfunction : Ginsenoside Rb2, Rh1]

3. Normalize High Blood Pressure (adjusted according to the physical status)

Q. I was told that ginseng may be ineffective for persons who easily feel hot or have high blood pressure. Is this true?

A. Ginseng has no adverse effects on people, unless they have a special constitution. The product is helpful in keeping a systemic balance in humans, for example, relieving patients from hypertension or hypotension. This is attributable to the fact that ginseng serves as both a stimulant and smoothing agent depending on the body condition. In particular, GEUMSAM ginseng has an even level of saponin, and is safe for consumption even for sensitive

Those who are suffering from high blood pressure – adaptogen
Professor Byoung-hoon Han from Seoul National University’s Herbal Medicine Research Center has discovered elements of penol and maltol in red ginseng, which have been found helpful in preventing and delaying aging.
Professor Bittels from Chealsea University in London has announced that red ginseng extracts activate elements that suppress aging, help treat dementia, and help aid those who have learning disabilities due to malfunction of brain blood circulation.
Many people think that having red ginseng makes blood pressure higher, but it is not true. There is a study by professor Vlaimir Bucksan and his team, who have been studying Korean red ginseng, saying that a certain element in red ginseng rather lowers altery spasticity. They said, “In a clinical testing about the relationship between Goryeo red ginseng and blood pressure, we could see that people who had red ginseng showed lowered altery spasticity
Altery spasticity is a major factor to determine the pressure given to the blood vessels, along with blood flow rate and diameter of blood vessel.
Although, until now, the studies about the effects of Goryeo ginseng are based on animal testing, this study is first clinical research to prove that ginseng can improve altery spasticity.
The research team asked 9 males and 8 females, in the age between 21 o 39, to have 3g of red ginseng powder, and measured the ‘Augmentation Index(AI)’, which is the index of altery spasticity, and blood pressure after one hour, two hours,, and three hours. Professor Bucksan said, “ Those who had Ginsenoside(Saponin) of ginseng had 4.63% lower AI, after three hours” Mi-gyeong Seong, the professor in the Department of Food and Nutrition in Sookmyung University in Korea, said, “Since there are lowered AI figure statistically for normal people, it is expected to have better effects for the patients.” Also, she said, “Despite the false belief for Goryeo ginseng to raise blood pressure, it is very meaningful to have the result for Goryeo ginseng to relieve altery spasricity in an international academic journal.”

4. Prevention and Treatment of arthritis

Ginseng has turned out to be highly effective in curing degenerative arthritis and protecting and recovering cartilage. The excellent efficacy of ginseng in preventing and curing arthritis by preventing cartilage cells from disappearing has been verified through actual experiment recently.

5. Improvement of diabetic conditions and in some cases prevents diabetes.

Patients with Diabetes (Preventing and Treating)
According to Professor of Biochemistry Okuda from Ehimeda Medical School in Japan, components such as adenosine and pyroglutamic acid contained within Korean ginseng rapidly increases insulin releases needed in diabetes treatment, ; therefore Korean red ginseng is a Heaven-given medicine for patients suffering from Diabetes.
[Red ginseng also proved to be effective in controlling and reducing blood sugar level and in treating high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. : Ginsenoside Rb1, Rb2, Rb3]

6. Improves memory and other brain functions.

Elderly in concern of dementia (Anti-aging)
Professor Byoung-hoon Han from Seoul National University’s Herbal Medicine Research Center has discovered elements of penol and maltol in red ginseng, which have been found helpful in preventing and delaying aging.
Professor Bittels from Chealsea University in Lonson has announced that red ginseng extracts activate elements that suppress aging, help treat dementia, and help aid those who have learning disabilities due to malfunction of brain blood circulation.
[Prevention of dementia, boost in brain cells, suppressing of peroxide related to brain aging : Ginsenoside Rg1, Rg2, Rf, Maltol, Rb1, Rc, Rd, Vitamin B]

Manufacturing process of Red Ginseng

Red Ginseng is made from extracting Korea Ginseng from ground (with 75% moisture) and streaming them as whole in high temperature. Slowly dehydrating to reach the moist level below 14%, the product is a dark brown color and solid, hard texture. Ginseng was originally used as medicine back 1,300 years ago ; however, cultivation of Ginseng has spread through various farms. Red Ginseng was originally invented to find a way to preserve Ginseng for long period of time, and its history goes back 1,000 years ago.

1. Korean Ginseng aged 4-6 years is steamed within temperature of 208.4℉ for 2-4 hours.
2. Dehydrated with warm heat in temperature of 167℉-140℉ for 12 hours.
3. Placed in the room with natural sunlight for three months.
4. Red Ginseng as a basic ingredient, process Red Ginseng into Ginseng drinks and extracts.

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