GEUMSAM Korean Red Ginseng Sliced (20g x 15 packs)
100% 6 years grown red ginseng Geumsam Korean red ginseng slices are specially processed product as follow: 1) Selected 6-year-old red ginseng for slices 2) Cut into 2 mm thick 3) Soak it in honey and dry 4) This process...
GEUMSAM Sticks Korean Red Ginseng 2 Sets (120g x 2)
GEUMSAM STICKS KOREAN RED GINSENG NET W/T 40g(1.14 oz) x 3EA [120g(2.23 oz)] This product is made of Korean Red Ginseng, a specialty of Korea, and its portable package allows to be easily carried in pocket or bag. To savor...
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