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The tradition of ginseng for wellness and medicine goes back over 1000 years to the 10th-century Goryeo Dynasty. Geumsan county in Korea has maintained that heritage and continues to produce world-renowned ginseng, culminating in GEUMSAM products that meet the ever-changing needs for people today—certified by the Chief of Geumsan County in Korea.

Straight from the source, Geumsam products are: All-natural: no artificial additives or preservatives, thanks to the unique, carefully regulated production process. Quality: Our meticulous quality control in Korea is certified directly by the chief of Geumsan county, and is certified by G mark, GAP, GMP and HACCP. Value: Without any intermediaries, we work directly with the producers, ensuring not only ensuring peerless quality but also at exceptional value.

A Gift Of The Heavens

Geumsan is the origin of Panax ginseng from Goryeo, which has a 1,500 year-history that’s been a cultural mainstay of Korea. It starts from over 3,000 mountains, where crystal-clear water flow from the uppermost streams of the Geumgang River down to the fertile soils rich in germanium. The mountainous topography provides the ideal environment for growing ginseng, making it possible to grow ginseng of the highest quality. Geumsan is located 250 meters above sea level in the basin climate zone, where 72 percent of the land is surrounded by mountains. The area is characterized by its large range of daily temperature variance, which contributes to the peerless quality of the ginseng. The perfect climate and land have contributed to establishing Geumsan as the capital of ginseng.

About Geumsan County Ginseng

But it’s more than geography–meticulous attention is paid to the plant over the course of up to six years–growing a branch of leaves every year as a cue of its maturation. In addition to the importance of a mix of warm and cold temperatures, the ginseng requires the right amount of sunlight, so each plant is individually shaded. While Geumsan comprises 14 percent of total Korean ginseng production, it accounts for 80 percent of market share in ginseng industry, and has over 300 ginseng manufacturers within the city. Over 80 percent of all ginseng produced in Korea is distributed originally from Geumsan, Chungnam, thus making ginseng integral to Geumsan City.
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